Stainless steel panel t=5mm
Size A:
W3277 x D1181 x H736mm, 120㎏
Size B :
W2400W x D2000 x H736mm, 120㎏,

The solid, weighty presences of two large sheets of black stainless steel are folded into complex forms. They support each other in an exquisite balance. Wide but thin, the sheets seem to change according to viewing angle. One moment they cover the whole scene in darkness, the next they disaggregate into an assembly of fine lines and disappear. The lack of light makes it impossible to discern the colour black, so both sheets cannot be seen at the same time. However, they are in an inseparable spatial relationship. In each object can be found fusions of gentle curvatures, acutely angled corners, and flat surfaces. The sheets release a sparkle of blackness, giving a world of blackness concrete form. The work ingeniously interprets the characteristics of its constituent material, combining sensations of Western minimalism coupled with Japanese calligraphy. It possesses the purity of a single line drawn in air, but will also tolerate infinite change. The workis like a wall that dances freely, creating pockets of space all around. It reveals the limitless possibilities of ABEL BLACK.

モノリスのような重厚で存在感を持つ大きな黒いステンレス板。複雑な形状に折り曲げた2枚は、絶妙なバランスで互いを支え合いながら存在している。幅広の薄いステンレス板は、見る角度によってそのかたちをさまざまに変え、一方が目の前を真っ暗に覆えば、もう一方は細い線のようになって視界から姿を消す。光がなければ黒という色が判別できないように、視覚的に2つ同時に存在せずとも切り離せない不可分の関係にある。さらに、オブジェ単体のなかに融合する緩やかな曲面、鋭い直角面、まっすぐな平面が放つ黒い光には、永遠に輪廻転生する黒の世界がある。素材の特徴を巧みに紐解きながら、西洋のミニマルアートと日本の書道の思想をリミックス。宙空にさっと一筆書きを施したかのような潔さと、果てしない変化を受け止める寛容さを兼ね備えている。本作品は、〈ABEL BLACK〉が持つ無限の可能性を最大限に引き出しながらうねる壁のように自由に舞い、作品の周りに多様な小空間を創出していく。


Born, The Netherlands, 1983. Majored in Dramatic Art at University of Amsterdam, Fine Art at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, then continued with further study in Fine Art and Photography at Rietveld Academie. Focuses on potentials and unknown values of everyday commodities and materials, like wood, paper, clay and tape. Pursues serendipitous compositions relating to new expressions in sculpture, photography and paint. Her work blends creative processes and thought, with elements from the history of art.